Procedure for Producing Magnetic Resonance Images for Patients with Cardiac Pacemakers

In order to provide you with the maximum level of safety, we recommend the following procedure:


  • An appointment is arranged in Dr. Hölzenbein’s surgery for each patient for a consultation, to inform the patient about the procedure, and for a cardiological examination
  • Where appropriate and if medically indicated, an appointment is arranged to carry out the scan
  • Each patient with a pacemaker or defibrillator is prepared for the examination individually


  • Close monitoring by cardiologists and radiologists before, during and after the scan
  • Cardiovascular system under continuous surveillance during and following the scan
  • Examination is carried out in accordance with the ESC’s safety guidelines
  • Examination is carried out using on open scanner (PANORAMA 1.0 Tesla)
  • Short examination time using ultra-fast sequences
  • Immediately after the scan the cardiologist checks the pacemaker/defibrillator and resets the device if necessary
  • The result of the examination is discussed with the radiologist thereafter

Follow-up Check

  • After 3 weeks the pacemaker/defibrillator is given a final check by the cardiologist
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The open high-field MRI system PANORAMA. This world novelty offers a range of 160 cm and a true 360° view with best image quality. In addition, the open MRI has a field strength of 1 T(esla), which is expressly recommended by the European Society of Cardiology for examinations with pacemakers.

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